General Lighthouse Studio Programming

Single select-change image on selection

Single select-change button on selection

Drop Down with Images

Multiselect in Drop Down

Star rating

Star rating with open end

Slider point rating scale

Color Rating

HotSpot with cordinate

HotSpot with cordinate and open end

HotSpot with specific area

Video Analyzer

Text highlighter

Card Sort

Option to move to next page without clicking Next button

Drag & Drop rating

Drag And Drop With Drop Down

Drag & Drop ranking

Drag n drop ranking in 5 boxes

Stepwise Drag & Drop Ranking

Drop Down ranking with linked options

Click Ranking (All) - Version 1 : Remove Rank when unchecked

Click Ranking (All) - Version 2 : Remove all

Click Ranking (Top 3) - Version 1 : Remove Rank when unchecked

Click Ranking (Top 3) - Version 2 : Remove all Previous Ranks when unchecked

Grid Ranking one by one

Single choice slider

Slider Constant Sum with pie chart

Vertical slider

Horizontal slider

Slider rating one by one

Button Grid

Range Slider

Rating slider

Heading in select type Question

Heading in select type Question with constructed list

Grid Header

Grid Main Header

Freeze Header

Freeze Question Text

Grid with other specify

Dual grid for battery question

Grid Rating with Page Flip

360 Degree

Gallerium - Cinematic Mode

Audio Player

Audio player with restriction to play full audio

Audio player with play list

Camera Pro - Online Video Recording

Text to voice on speaker click

Linked drop down

Multiple line open end with counter

Row and Col Constant Sum

AutoSubmit - Page

Email Validation

Branching question

Purchase funnel

Show Text/Image/Both

Online GPS to capture location of Respondent

GPS Location Tracking Functionality


Google Translator

Age Roller Selection

Qr Code

Fancy-Box with Magnifier

Household items


Advanced Shelf using Lighthouse Shelf Facing Display

Advanced Shelf using Lighthouse Free Format question

Animated Fridge Display

Standard Shelf with Cart

Standard Shelf - Single Select

Standard Shelf - Multi Select

Standard Shelf - Multi Select with Quantity

Awareness Question in Shelf Display

Find Exercise in Shelf Display

Right to Left Language




Age question

Profile Question


Sementic Differential

Circular Slider

Coordinate Drag and Drop

Rating Pad